Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hellz Bellz x Vans

Everybody knows that Hellz Bellz is the hottest street wear line for
us ladies, and I couldn't agree more with what Lanie (Founder & Creative Director for the the brand)
said on why she started the line

 "There weren't many options out there for the ladies, other than overly-feminine items that were initially designed by men thinking they knew what a woman wanted to wear,”
So now, moving further in the industry Hellz and Van will be caollaborating on an exclusive collection, and here's a sneak peak ..

and stay tuned on the Hellz Bellz blog for other collabs with Mosley Tribes,G-shock
and Hello Kitty! And Congrats to Hellz on their 5th year Anniversary!

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  1. Hi Tee,

    This picture seems like old times! I like this look! Thanks Tee!


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