Monday, November 30, 2009



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Hmmm Bday dress? .. dont judge me

Haha I love this, of course I would style it to be much classier ..  

Or is that even possible with this? oh well .. who cares. Its my body I do what I want! (In my Cartman voice)

Perfect gift for her :)

Marc by Marc Jacobs $175

Micheal Kors $250 (Great quality .. my fave)

Nixon Chrono $500 .. 2nd fave

Or if your fancy, Michele $1,245 ...

I've been on the hunt for a good watch for a while now, and I think I found it!
People think you have to spend a million dollars to find good quality watches, you don't. Now if it's just something you want, then by all means. But anyway, here are a few of my picks :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

"The Teen Vogue Handbook"

I told you guys about this book about a month or two back. This book is PERFECT for whomever is looking to get into the fashion industry. No.  It doesn't have Marc Jacobs or Anna Wintours number in it but it will direct you to the path to get that far.  I want let people know that this is the MOST cut throat industry there is (along with the music industry) and you must have tough skin to be successful in it. No one told me that back when I was in High school, I thought if you looked cute then that was all it took. I was more than wrong.  Once I started assisting and styling, thats when I learned it was gonna take more than me wearing a  designer shoe and trendy outfit. It takes knowlege, origional creativity and alot of blood sweat and tears occasionally ;-)

But this isn't about me lol

Get this book.

The "Obscene thigh-high boot"

by: Jeffrey Campbell

These are sick, too bad my legs wouldn't fill them out right lol. Anyway their awesome, edgy, BLACK and flat. A perfect combo. But personally, I'll stick to a regular thigh high.

Ladies would you rock these?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pharrell Williams x Moncler

Pharrell and Moncler will collab for winter collection "09". Exciting right? Yeah I know. In the pic above
is a look at the limited edition "Pacifist" bulletproof inspired vest.

I mean I LOVE Pharrell and all but ... idk. How do you guys feel about this one?

Sonia Rykiel x H&M

Nathalie Rykiel, Presitdent and art Director and Magareta Van Den Bosch, the creative director of Sonia Rykiel will be the next high end designer label to collaborate with H&M winter 2009/10. This collection will
include lingerie, a first for h&m. December 5, 09, over $1,000 h&m stores will launch exclusive pieces.
So stay tuned for more updates! And don't forget Jean Paul Gaultier next year also!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Beyonce & Lady Gaga "Video Phone" Premiere

Made to order presents Made for ladies

See ya there!

The Rocketeers New MIxtape

Meet the Rocketeers, they released their new Mixtape! Entitled Stylish Shoes & Colored Jeans.
I finally got a chance to listen to it for the first time today, and I'm very impressed! Their sound
is very well put together with 20 awesome tracks on it, I'm sure there will be further success in these two guys future!

Be sure to check out & download their music here


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rihanna to Perform live in London

I heard the Album, pretty good. I enjoy listening to it ... but I need her to really do some crazy sh*t to spice up her tired performances. Im done, thanks.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Balmain making it's mark in the industry

I absolutely LIVE for this collection. Even though one of the Power Shoulder jackets alone costs $9,000, I'm sure we are all very inspired by this collection. Christophe Decarnin, the man behind the designs knows exactly what the market and celebs are looking for.

Chanel Iman gets her Wings

Meet Victoria's Secret newest angel! Yup, Ms. Chanel Iman. Earlier this year in a Teen Vogue interview, she expressed that she had been working on her body in hopes of  getting her wings. And she did, she's already on the VS website, and will be making her first appearance on the runway of the Victoria Secret's fashion show which I believe air's Nov 19th .. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remember her?

Little ole Dakota Fanning aka Edgy chic fashionista ... she looks amazing here! She will be featured on next months (December) issue of Teen Vogue cover. Oh and keep an eye out for her in the Twi-light New Moon movie.

Click here for more on Dakota's role in the New Moon

Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" Official VIdeo

So I just got done watching this video, and it is BANANASSS ... she can't be messed with when it comes to crazy fashionable attention grabbing ish! She got Rihanna and beyonce on this one, I've made up my mind.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some of the 20/20 Rihanna Video

"F Love" ... Be wise ladies

Be sure to watch the rest tonight at 10pm

BAZAAR X Twi-light Stars Spread

Robert Patterson and ....her, the co-star of Twi-light lol. This spread is so sexy, and dreamy. I love it, Robert brings the man to life, that everygirl wishes for in his movies, spreads etc. It's almost like he's not real (now I'm rambling). Pics 3 and 4 are my fave, and some of you know, some of you don't but this is in fact his real girlfriend .. ok I'm done. Photo number 3 where they're in black tie attire is so chic from her hair to his shoes, the stylist was on point. Love this spread, then again I think ladies love any spread he may be involved in ;-)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's you ..

Now I never really get too personal, or personal at all for that matter! But everyday I'm learning more and more about myself. Good traits and bad traits, but none the less traits that make up me. But I have a huge problem with trust (wich explains the situation I'm in now). It's not because of just one person, but because I am finally realizng that I am a very loyal person, girlfriend, friend, sister, cousin etc ... I'm glad I'm the way I am because I know it will be returned one day. Most of the time people take my loyalness for granted, so I begin to look at it in the way we all look at certain situations and say "you never know what you got til it's gone". But I am also very independent, and can stand alone aka I will drop you like a hot potato. Emotions are serious, and weak minded people cannot handle tough obstacles which causes them to break down. Un uhh not me! I've had my share of emotional rollercoaster, and don't plan on riding that ride for a long time. I'm at a very intense time of my life, with school, work and trying to start a business .. and need no bumps in the road to slow me down.  Anyway I guess what I'm tryna say is I don't have time for bullshit!! Yup I said it .. Save the drama for ya mama haha .. Another thing, I am very serious when I believe in something, I 'm not mean, rude, bitter or whatever else some people have called me. I just speak the truth! Why shouldn't I? But in closing, if you were once in my life and your not anymore ... it was for a reason. Thats how things were meant to be. And this isn't for anyone specific, I promise it's not lol. I just sometimes like to explain why I deal with people the way I do. I Never play too many people close, and that is why I have very little to no drama in my life. I am very happy with my circle of friends right now! But other people who aren't here anymore ... sorry it didn't work out =(

Glamour's 5 women of the year ..


Amy Poehler

Michelle Obama

Maria Shriver

Serena Williams

Congrats to them, (I feel ignorant, I don't know what most of them done to earn that title)
but who am I to judge?! They all look great !

Style Icon Award

Photo by: Steve Eichner

Congrats to Lady Gaga, who over the weekend at The ACE Awards recieved the Style Icon Honor in this costume/get up. This chick is herself to say the least, and even after all the crazy wardrobe changes at the MTV awards she still didnt care what anyone said! So here she is now crowned style icon.

On the other hand she and Beyonce have a video debuting very soon for "Video Phone".  This should be interesting

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rihanna Official "The wait is Ova" video

She killed it!
She's best off being herself .. she fits her new image well.
Can't wait for the album Nov 23rd!

Carlos Falchi for Target

Target has launched it's line of Carlos Falchi Handbags Nov 1st. Prices ranging from 19.99 to 49.99,
I love his bags, especially the cross body little ones. This collection is very similar
to his python/leather prints and solid looks. Check out the full collection here. I need to take a trip to Target this week ... I think I need that cross body bag.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Great Pieces all under $100

Draped Jacket $78

Military Jacket $78

Power Zip Dress $44

Abagail Peep toe bootie $68

These are a few of my picks fromTHE BEST vintage retailer
on the web! I fell in love with this website, I find myself checking
it everyday ( because there's always something new). Anyway like I said .. these are
only a FEW of my picks from there, if I were to list all of them we would
be here all day :) So enjoy! Not too many ppl know about this site ..
so pleaes DO NOT abuse it ;-)