Thursday, January 29, 2009

Melody Ehsani "Spring 09"

Melody Ehsani ... a genius!! Her designs are sick!!! I cannot wait til the release of the collection in March "09". Those electric blue boots are dopppppe!! Gotta geta pair .. I don't even wanna talk about it anymore. Oh and her accessories .......... serious stuff!

More info at

Ladies ...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2009 SAG Awards: Best Dressed

1st pic : Taraji P. Henson, in Herve' L. Leroux & H. Stein jewels. She looks the best by farrr to me,this is a classic effortless look. Everyday that goes by Taraji is definitely steppin up her game.

2nd pic : Kate Winslet, in Narcisco Rodriguez. Love this look, it was number 1 on my list .. until I seen Taraji. Anyway, she has a nice shape .. it fits her perfectly.

3rd pic : Holly Hunter, in Reem Acra. Absolutely stunning.

4th pic : Christina Applegate, in Emanuel Ungaro. Very fashion forward, the color looks great on her.

5th pic : Christina Hendricks, in Carolina Herrera. This is the definition of a "body shaped like a coke bottle" (no homo) she looks fab!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Go Green then Go Minx!

Minx Nails are the latest trend for celebs & fashion. I know not too many people know how this works. So let me explain, a flexible polymer is first heated then applied to the nail, like a press on. For a long time I've been trying to figure out what the name of the polish beyonce was using & what shade she wears, all I knew was that her nails a type of silver matallic I never seen. I finally did some researching ... and that's when I discovered the best nail process ever!

Ever since I seen my girl "B" ... (and yes I said "B") wearin the chrome nails, they started poppin up everywhere. Celebs from Pink, Cristina Aguilera, Blake Lively, Rihanna, Solange and Eve have been spotted wearing them. They are def a fashion statement, and will finish any outfit!

Oh yeah ... their also another "Going Green" alternative as opposed to nail polish & fake tips. Ladies look it up using Minx Nail Finder to find a salon that's does it near you!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Rihanna came a long way..

The first pic was before she turned into the "chic rocker chick". I'm so glad she transformed from that girl next door look...

Thakoon at Target

Designer Thakoon Panichgul, born in Thailand but raised in Omaha, Nebraska made his fashion week debut in 2004 with his chic fun collection has a more affordable line, featured in my favorite department store "Target". It won't be there for long, your chance to get a piece is only from Dec 28th- Jan 31st.

Go to the Target Website to see the whole collection.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What Our first Lady chose

Ok so the day of the Inauguration, my eyes were glued to the screen .. no im not political, but I was on a mission to find out what Michelle O was wearing. For the first event when Barack was being swarn in she wore a custome dress made by designer Isabel Taledo a Cuban designer. Isabel is said to be "every designers designer". Her things can only be found in specialty boutique around the US.The dress looked amazing on her. I thought. Her accessories, a pair of green short leather gloves by one of her faves J.Crew and a pair of Jimmy Choo's. Very Nice.

And for the Balls she wore A white one strap shoulder gown by designer Jason Wu, a young designer in his 20's ... and no the dress wasn't white. Just beautiful. She's so youthful in her appearance, great icon!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Y-3 Honja ... Dope

Now for a longgg time, I have been wanting these in red, but I was told they won't be made in that color again ... so I contacted a rep for y-3 and unfortunately it was true .... smh. Back in jan 08 I was calling everywhere possible for these, but .. no luck. I was soo pissed. I was gonna be for sure the only chick in philly with them, but this time around I won't be picky ... I'll take what I can get. So here in this start of a great year they re-made them same look only black with white soles, and I'm gonna have them ... because I deserve them : ) Even though I'm not much of a snearker head anymore( well I am still a lil ) , I had to grow up on ya'll, I am a lady ... but you will definitely see me rockin these fly. sick. dope kicks!

what you think?

First Lady Fashions for: Inauguration Ball

With Inauguration Ball coming up, everyone's been extra happy for the Obama family ... now Our Family, and I am very proud to say that! Anyway ... we all know we are in a recession, infact we may be even closer to a depression. Just know we will be fine. So with that said ... every Magazine, Talk Show Host, News Reporter and especially EVERY Designer wants to know who and what she will be wearing. Will it be one of her fav's? Maybe Maria Pinto, J. Crew, Reem Acra? No ones know's. So I was on as always .. and I came across a few sketches by the designers dreaming to design Michelle Obama's gown. Personally my fav is the Diane Von Furstenburg, the yellow and white get up .. its Fabulous, and she can definitely pull it off!!! Perfect for our First Lady.

Now that was my first choice, however my second was my favorite designer Marc Jacobs also in yellow and white, this high neck figure showing gown is classic and chic. What do you think?? You can view more sketches by other designers at the wwd website (

Photo Courtesy by:

Give it back Katy Perry!

So last night January 17th, the singer attended France's Main Music Award Ceremony (NRJ awards). In the beginning of the ceremony she was awarded for Best Interntional Song for her hit "I kissed a girl". Nevertheless everyone was of course happy for her, but ...... it wasn't hers. In Fact our girl Rihanna was the real winner, for her smash hit "Disturbia".

How ever the host of the show did explain to the audience and viewers that there had been a mistake with the vote count, and that Rihanna was the winner!

We still love you Katy and your songs .... well i do =)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

"2009" Dries Van Noten: Spring Collection

Fashion's risk taker "Dries" did a total 360 this time around. I'm sure all of you fashionistas remember the busy floral mixed, not to mention amazing collection last year. It included short blazers with jewels embedded on the sleeves, long ankle length silk printed halter dresses. All the pieces were very flowy and sexy. If you wanna check it out go to and search Dries Van Noten Fall collection.

Now we are in a recession, and designers are well aware of that. So that you can better understand why I am saying that, I will give you a small example ... now there are people (rich) in the world who can spend $795 on a beautiful silky almost promising top that will be out of style the following week. But the reality is, there's not too many people who spend like that anymore. Todays fashion is all about key pieces, tops, jackets, shoes (wellll ... umm maybe not shoes lol) and coats we will be able to get away with in the year "2015". So designer Van Noten with his phenominal 2009 Spring "Ready to wear collection" is perfect for today or even years from now. I absolutely love this look above, the oversized blazer is ultra chic .. I may not wear it with shorts but that's just me! Inclosing what I am trying to say is the customer wants to buy a $795 dollar top, pant etc ... worth wearing.

Carrie Bradshaw. Not so much Sarah.

I don't know if I am the only one, but I love this chick. Sure .. she has stylist. Either way she's fire! Lol. Sarah has such an eclectic taste that I admire, along with a very pleasant attitude .. which makes her even more chic. I was never really a big fan of the "Sex in the city" tv show, but like anyone else ... I loved the fashion in it and couldn't help but to see what carrie would be wearing.

For years I have been watching how her style has progressed. And she has become a fashion icon in my book!

Friday, January 16, 2009

My New Dew!

My new hair cut .. for those who know me, I used to where a bang all the time. Although it was a very safe style and I could never go wrong with it, it was beginning to get olddd. Soo I've been saying I was gona cut it and I finally did! I'm happy with it, makes me look older .. always a plus! Do you like?

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