Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Madonna the face of LV Again

Madonna is once again the face of Louis Vuitton. She was
also the face for LV for spring. Here is of the shots
released for the Fall/Winter 2009-2010
Ad Campaign. I can't get over her being 50 years old ...
And that bag is HOTT!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

More of my BET Award Faves

She looked nice, black is always go.
Latoya Luckett
I loved this dress ..

Gotta have small ta-ta's for this. Lol
I would definitely rock this .. idk what anybody say's
I know what your doing Cassie ... gotta sell CD's
one way or another.
I actually like her music tho ..

Amerie Looked pretty as usual.
The dress was plain, but it was cute.

The Honja-hi's again <3

Get with it ppl .. I cant get over these.

BET Awards : Short and Sweet

Alicia looks great, havent seen her in awhile since the Mashonda and
Swizzbeatz situation.

I loved Beyonce dress, she didnt over due it, like she does sometimes. I may be the

only one who likes it .. but idk. The multi-color was pretty, but

it would have been better if it was a solid color, like orange or maybe even a lavender purple

I think ..

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blumarine is the ish this Season

I freakkinnn love this line, and this season's collection is just sick! lol

Friday, June 19, 2009

Motivation to get you out the hood.

When your kids can't play outside.
Your neighbor's house smells like ass,urine and wet dogs.
Crackheads fighting .. daily
Drunk old perv's hit on little girls.
Ppl smokin weed outside when children are around, smh ...
When hearing gunshots is the norm
Loud dirty girls
and niggas everywhere .. doing dumb stuff
that never fails.
Thats exactly why the world is the way it is now. If ppl were
a bit more productive with life, where we live would be
a better place.

NYLON Kicks at Urban Outfitters

These NYLON Nikes hit Urban stores this weekend, this is my first time hearing about them, but apparently they sold-out of there stock last week. I also heard there will be Windbreakers too ... they were not clear about which locations they will be released at, but I do know you can get them athttp://www.nike.com/ or call Nike Sportswear 212.226.5433. There OK to me nothing really different ..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M

Finally another interesting collaboration, British Brand Jimmy Choo will be bringing it's great international designs to an H&M near you (maybe) November 14th, it will only be at selected stores. Bummer .. but cross my fingers they pick a Philadelphia location, or I will have to make a trip to NYC where the lines will be wrapped around the block, filled with girls/fashionistas who will put up a fight! Seriously ... Similar to when Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto collaborated with H&M back in the winter. Anyway I'm super excited as always .. its definitely a steal ladies& gents I almost forgot they will have asseccories for men too! I cant wait!!

Pharrell actin up at Mickey D's LOL

Gotta LOVE HIM! lol

After all that, they still didnt take his order ..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sick Rock ..

This ring is super flyyy!! Im inspired to make something similar, lol. Anyway, apparently its the only one in the world ... being as though Cassie's (who is wearing it in the picture) stylist made it. Its some type of metal called Bismuth and she wore it when she introduced her new video "Must be love" on 106th and Park the other day. Its really cool, and very different..I love it, I want it! You never find exclusive stuff like this in stores ..

I might have to make that a project.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Electrik Red "P is for Power"

If you have a Twitter and you
support/like Electrik Red, you should
Sign this petition (http://twitition.com/f5iae)to get their song "P is for Power"
on Access Granted

Louis Vuitton "Millionaire"

Inspired by Scarface, these Louis Vuitton frames are obviously sick.
They ran for about $1,000 when they hit Louis locations,
they were sold out that night.
Even though they were re-released for $1,770 retail, the price
didn't make a difference ... they still sold out.
They are now suppose to be hard to find,
not really though ...
And I hate that pic of Jay-z.
but the sunglasses are
on point!

"Must be Love" Cassie Official Video

I like cassie despite her weak voice .. she cool with me =]
And I looovvveee this song.

I just like this pic

Me my glasses and my Chanel lip stick

Rouge Allure .. =]

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Something for the summer

G-shocks are popular but I do think they will get played out soon since they hit
the streets, and are fairly priced. So cop up while
you can .. they are very trendy, and the bright colors are great for the summer!

Less is More, Look natural in the Summer

Everything listed here is what I use all year around, the first pic is Smashbox Concealer $19
you apply it under you eyes, eyelids and over dark spots.
The next pic is Cargo Bronzer about $25, I reccomend this instead of foundation in the summer,
it blends well and gives a great glow, I swear by it ...

The third pic is MAC's Liquid Liner $15-18, it may not be that simple to use, but go to a MAC location
and have one of the sales girls give you a lesson or steps on how to
use it without making a mess. Its my favorite..
Next is Maybellines Stiletto Lash Mascara $7-9, a really great mascara .. it gives great length and fullness to your lashes, I love it!
Last is Covergirl Wetslicks $5-6, you wont need any other type of lip product after you buy this, it last's for about 3 months. The best lipgloss I've come by.
Some of these products can be found in Drugstores including Maybellines Stiletto Mascara and Covergirl Wetslicks. The MAC Liquid Liner can be bought at any MAC location. As for the Smashbox Concealer and Cargo Bronzer they can be found at Sephora.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Melody Ehsani Picks

Meet Melody ...

I wrote about her a month ago, her designs are sick
like super flyy! lol
You can get her stuff at ..

Work of Art

I love jackets personally, all year around because its a plus to any outfit. This Perfecto jacket is the shit .. the print is crazy and adoring and runs for $2,500, yea I know .. Anyway this jacket was designed by Jeremy Scott for Schott Keith Haring. This jacket is limited of course .. as it should be.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Art & Simple Things in life

So I was surfin the web, and I stumbled upon this interesting photo. The collaboration of an artist named Takashi Murakami and well known musician/producer Pharrell Williams entitled "The Simple Things. While Takashi sculpted the monster looking piece, inside of it contained some of Pharrells favorite things, which included a Pepsi can, a bag of Dorito's and suprisingly a Magnolia cupcake, but everything I just listed was all made out of emaralds, sapphires, rubies and diamonds and took over a year to complete.
Pretty cool stuff ..

Summer Sensations 09 Nicki Minaj

Here is Nicki the Ninja, the boss, the harajuku barbie, lol all that .. featured on http://www.drjays.com/ website wearing an Authentic Sweater Dress by COOJI. Not really my style, but she looks great and the shoes are definitely on point even if there like 2 or 3 seasons ago I have them in black, and I love them! So anyway she's THE hottest female rapper out right now. I heard about her a while before her music got any play here in philly .. she's really talented lyrically. And she has the attitude and support to make it far, while she already has a great amount of success so far, I think we'll be seeing alot of her.

For the fans in Philly Nicki Minaj will be at Club Onyx on June 15th!!
http://www.Myspace.com/nickiminaj for more info..

Been gone for a minute ..

So I haven't been blogging as often as I used. Been trying to get my shit together, 09 had alot in store for me good and bad. I'm starting school soon, tryna prepare for that. While keeping my funds and my addiction (shopping) in tact, it hasn't been easy but who said its suppose to be. So school starts in fall, and I have the whole summer ahead of me .. and I have so many goals I wanna accomplish before fall, which is getting my permit, maybe a car, going on a nice 5 day vacation, putting my lil one in dance school and there's more but, I would be here all day typing. And in the relationship category ... Im just gonna say its been a rollercoaster, but thats comes with it I guess, until someone special shows me diifferent. So Im gonna fall back from that chapter in my life, and focus on the part thats gonna make me rich and successful school & work.

Now everyone who knows me knows that I was goin back and forth to NY assisting a very talented Fashion Stylist Fifi Bell http://www.fifibell.com/ she's great, and its been a very very interesting, busy learning experience, its a no joke job .. and I love it. I know thats what I wanna do and become extremely successful at, along side of opening up my own Womens Boutique within the next 5 years. So I felt like I should update my lovely followers .. and I will start back up on my blogging again. =

Stay tunned <3

Tee ..
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