Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Sensations 09 Nicki Minaj

Here is Nicki the Ninja, the boss, the harajuku barbie, lol all that .. featured on website wearing an Authentic Sweater Dress by COOJI. Not really my style, but she looks great and the shoes are definitely on point even if there like 2 or 3 seasons ago I have them in black, and I love them! So anyway she's THE hottest female rapper out right now. I heard about her a while before her music got any play here in philly .. she's really talented lyrically. And she has the attitude and support to make it far, while she already has a great amount of success so far, I think we'll be seeing alot of her.

For the fans in Philly Nicki Minaj will be at Club Onyx on June 15th!! for more info..

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