Friday, June 12, 2009

Been gone for a minute ..

So I haven't been blogging as often as I used. Been trying to get my shit together, 09 had alot in store for me good and bad. I'm starting school soon, tryna prepare for that. While keeping my funds and my addiction (shopping) in tact, it hasn't been easy but who said its suppose to be. So school starts in fall, and I have the whole summer ahead of me .. and I have so many goals I wanna accomplish before fall, which is getting my permit, maybe a car, going on a nice 5 day vacation, putting my lil one in dance school and there's more but, I would be here all day typing. And in the relationship category ... Im just gonna say its been a rollercoaster, but thats comes with it I guess, until someone special shows me diifferent. So Im gonna fall back from that chapter in my life, and focus on the part thats gonna make me rich and successful school & work.

Now everyone who knows me knows that I was goin back and forth to NY assisting a very talented Fashion Stylist Fifi Bell she's great, and its been a very very interesting, busy learning experience, its a no joke job .. and I love it. I know thats what I wanna do and become extremely successful at, along side of opening up my own Womens Boutique within the next 5 years. So I felt like I should update my lovely followers .. and I will start back up on my blogging again. =

Stay tunned <3

Tee ..

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