Sunday, June 14, 2009

Less is More, Look natural in the Summer

Everything listed here is what I use all year around, the first pic is Smashbox Concealer $19
you apply it under you eyes, eyelids and over dark spots.
The next pic is Cargo Bronzer about $25, I reccomend this instead of foundation in the summer,
it blends well and gives a great glow, I swear by it ...

The third pic is MAC's Liquid Liner $15-18, it may not be that simple to use, but go to a MAC location
and have one of the sales girls give you a lesson or steps on how to
use it without making a mess. Its my favorite..
Next is Maybellines Stiletto Lash Mascara $7-9, a really great mascara .. it gives great length and fullness to your lashes, I love it!
Last is Covergirl Wetslicks $5-6, you wont need any other type of lip product after you buy this, it last's for about 3 months. The best lipgloss I've come by.
Some of these products can be found in Drugstores including Maybellines Stiletto Mascara and Covergirl Wetslicks. The MAC Liquid Liner can be bought at any MAC location. As for the Smashbox Concealer and Cargo Bronzer they can be found at Sephora.

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