Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Do you want to "BANG" Marc Jacobs?

Apparently he wants all the boys to! hehe, this is why we love Marc Jacobs, for all of his ballsy ads and quirky yet edgy creativity!
I know, i know we all cannot wait for our men to smell like "BANG" its a super cool name, very masculine. Only as Mr. Jacobs would have it, he selected to have this exclusively sold in bloomingdale's, 7.30.10. In between time, we'll just have to settle with our boys smelling like "Marc by Marc Jacobs" which is definitely not a bad thing!

btw. u cant hate the man for making your eyes look at his ads, you will be sniffing it (just because) on your next retail therapy session at bloomies!!

Official Video Rihanna "Rockstar 101"

I look forward to her video's
I liked it, it fits her image. That's the look she's going for & whether people like it or
not it's more interesting than the "pon de replay" girl ... I'm just sayin.

Videos & Music for the iPod: I'm Beamin' x Lupe Fiasco

First single "I'm Beamin'" off his soon to be released third studio album "LASERS" (song produced by the Neptunes) is by far one of Lupe's more creative videos! The whole vibe of the video is a positive one, heavy symbolism; which (I believe) is for the children's benefit, this way we can all obtain the message! I'm Beamin' was Produced by illusive media (Shomi Patwari, Philip Ly, Paolo Obcemane, Charley Feher and Robert Simmons) who's produced and directed many mainstream artists videos, such as Pharell, The Clipse, Kenna, & David Banner, as well as major websites like Pepsi, and Myspace. It was only right for them to team up with another creative mastermind like Lupe! I appreciate the visuals on this video and wanted you all to appreciate it again, in case you already haven't.

Still anticipating the release of "LASERS", hopefully there'll be no more push-backs!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Posh Boutique New Store Opening

So today after work I decided to pass by The Piazza, to check out what was left of the fashion weekend. Which wasn't much .. only a always packed PYT and people everywhere watching the Flyers game. However on my way out I walked by this cute boutique, so I stopped in (with every intention on buying something).  Twin sisters Kia & Tania opened their doors yesturday in the new location and held their grand opening party. The sisters aren't new to this, previously having a store in Manyunk.

I'm sure we are all ready for something, somewhere new to shop, I know I always am. Judging by the look of the merchandise Posh Boutique is for the young classy business women. Not only do they get their merchandise from showrooms, they also work with local designers! We all know Philly loves their local designers!

Check out Posh Boutique at the Piazza & follow them on twitter @ThePoshGirls

Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Home" of Dereon...

hello blogosphere!

I just wanted to start off by saying here at FAV, Beyonce is rarely mentioned for her orginality, or inspiring style, so this is major! (lol)

Beyonce and her mother (Tina Knowles) are adding another, and im sure more profitable line to their "House of Dereon" design label. This is actually a great path to go down with this label considering the clothing designs they have... anyway check out the some of the bedding:

cute right?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Asaad: "Wednesday" The Mixtape

Click here to download

My feature on Uristicrat's UrStyle Edition

Well well well, lil ole me got featured in a style post on a well known Philadelphia blog. Very nice first of
all. I wasn't gonna post about, but then I thought about it. Why not? .. It's cool to be recognized
by other productive artist out of Philly. Thanks :)

To read my interview on Uristocrat click here.

Foxy Brown & The origional Foxy Pam Grier on The MoNique Show

No one is perfect, and we should never judge. You never know what someone is going through ...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I need Rihanna to stop fallin everywhere

After the fall, the performance went down hill =/

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Christina Aguilera on Germany's GQ June Issue

Chritina Aguilera will be on the cover of Germany's June Issue GQ. Wearing .. nothing but Gaspar Gloves
& Christian Louboutin thigh high boots. Shots like these will be similar to the ones that will be apart of her "Bionic Album" CD shoot by Fashion Photographer Alix Malka.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The first Albino Model to be signed in the US Diandra Forrest

First half of this video introduces Albino Model Diandra Forrest, the first Albino model to be signed to a major Modeling Agency .. Elite Model Management. Discovered walking down the streets of NY...niccee

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