Monday, May 24, 2010

Videos & Music for the iPod: I'm Beamin' x Lupe Fiasco

First single "I'm Beamin'" off his soon to be released third studio album "LASERS" (song produced by the Neptunes) is by far one of Lupe's more creative videos! The whole vibe of the video is a positive one, heavy symbolism; which (I believe) is for the children's benefit, this way we can all obtain the message! I'm Beamin' was Produced by illusive media (Shomi Patwari, Philip Ly, Paolo Obcemane, Charley Feher and Robert Simmons) who's produced and directed many mainstream artists videos, such as Pharell, The Clipse, Kenna, & David Banner, as well as major websites like Pepsi, and Myspace. It was only right for them to team up with another creative mastermind like Lupe! I appreciate the visuals on this video and wanted you all to appreciate it again, in case you already haven't.

Still anticipating the release of "LASERS", hopefully there'll be no more push-backs!

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