Sunday, January 18, 2009

Y-3 Honja ... Dope

Now for a longgg time, I have been wanting these in red, but I was told they won't be made in that color again ... so I contacted a rep for y-3 and unfortunately it was true .... smh. Back in jan 08 I was calling everywhere possible for these, but .. no luck. I was soo pissed. I was gonna be for sure the only chick in philly with them, but this time around I won't be picky ... I'll take what I can get. So here in this start of a great year they re-made them same look only black with white soles, and I'm gonna have them ... because I deserve them : ) Even though I'm not much of a snearker head anymore( well I am still a lil ) , I had to grow up on ya'll, I am a lady ... but you will definitely see me rockin these fly. sick. dope kicks!

what you think?

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