Saturday, January 17, 2009

"2009" Dries Van Noten: Spring Collection

Fashion's risk taker "Dries" did a total 360 this time around. I'm sure all of you fashionistas remember the busy floral mixed, not to mention amazing collection last year. It included short blazers with jewels embedded on the sleeves, long ankle length silk printed halter dresses. All the pieces were very flowy and sexy. If you wanna check it out go to and search Dries Van Noten Fall collection.

Now we are in a recession, and designers are well aware of that. So that you can better understand why I am saying that, I will give you a small example ... now there are people (rich) in the world who can spend $795 on a beautiful silky almost promising top that will be out of style the following week. But the reality is, there's not too many people who spend like that anymore. Todays fashion is all about key pieces, tops, jackets, shoes (wellll ... umm maybe not shoes lol) and coats we will be able to get away with in the year "2015". So designer Van Noten with his phenominal 2009 Spring "Ready to wear collection" is perfect for today or even years from now. I absolutely love this look above, the oversized blazer is ultra chic .. I may not wear it with shorts but that's just me! Inclosing what I am trying to say is the customer wants to buy a $795 dollar top, pant etc ... worth wearing.

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  1. I like this look also. I was looking at the oversized dress pants. And there very stylish. I agree, i wouldnt do those with shorts either.


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