Sunday, January 18, 2009

Give it back Katy Perry!

So last night January 17th, the singer attended France's Main Music Award Ceremony (NRJ awards). In the beginning of the ceremony she was awarded for Best Interntional Song for her hit "I kissed a girl". Nevertheless everyone was of course happy for her, but ...... it wasn't hers. In Fact our girl Rihanna was the real winner, for her smash hit "Disturbia".

How ever the host of the show did explain to the audience and viewers that there had been a mistake with the vote count, and that Rihanna was the winner!

We still love you Katy and your songs .... well i do =)


  1. 1996, i was in phila... maybe i met you, young pretty woman.
    How to get in contact?
    Live in France

  2. I also love Katy Perry, she will be my next PLUSH feature!


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