Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's you ..

Now I never really get too personal, or personal at all for that matter! But everyday I'm learning more and more about myself. Good traits and bad traits, but none the less traits that make up me. But I have a huge problem with trust (wich explains the situation I'm in now). It's not because of just one person, but because I am finally realizng that I am a very loyal person, girlfriend, friend, sister, cousin etc ... I'm glad I'm the way I am because I know it will be returned one day. Most of the time people take my loyalness for granted, so I begin to look at it in the way we all look at certain situations and say "you never know what you got til it's gone". But I am also very independent, and can stand alone aka I will drop you like a hot potato. Emotions are serious, and weak minded people cannot handle tough obstacles which causes them to break down. Un uhh not me! I've had my share of emotional rollercoaster, and don't plan on riding that ride for a long time. I'm at a very intense time of my life, with school, work and trying to start a business .. and need no bumps in the road to slow me down.  Anyway I guess what I'm tryna say is I don't have time for bullshit!! Yup I said it .. Save the drama for ya mama haha .. Another thing, I am very serious when I believe in something, I 'm not mean, rude, bitter or whatever else some people have called me. I just speak the truth! Why shouldn't I? But in closing, if you were once in my life and your not anymore ... it was for a reason. Thats how things were meant to be. And this isn't for anyone specific, I promise it's not lol. I just sometimes like to explain why I deal with people the way I do. I Never play too many people close, and that is why I have very little to no drama in my life. I am very happy with my circle of friends right now! But other people who aren't here anymore ... sorry it didn't work out =(

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