Friday, November 27, 2009

"The Teen Vogue Handbook"

I told you guys about this book about a month or two back. This book is PERFECT for whomever is looking to get into the fashion industry. No.  It doesn't have Marc Jacobs or Anna Wintours number in it but it will direct you to the path to get that far.  I want let people know that this is the MOST cut throat industry there is (along with the music industry) and you must have tough skin to be successful in it. No one told me that back when I was in High school, I thought if you looked cute then that was all it took. I was more than wrong.  Once I started assisting and styling, thats when I learned it was gonna take more than me wearing a  designer shoe and trendy outfit. It takes knowlege, origional creativity and alot of blood sweat and tears occasionally ;-)

But this isn't about me lol

Get this book.


  1. I Have it and it is a really helpful book for anybody who wants to work in the Fashion industry..Nice Post btw

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  2. Hey Tee,

    I needed a book like this! Thank you for this important fashion news. Great post!!!!!

    Thanks Tee!