Tuesday, December 15, 2009


In a world of Beyonce's, Britney's, and Rihanna's we always need to salute the greats; Miss Sade you are definitely being saluted here! I'm glad to see that after nine long unfilled sade years since her last album (LOVERS ROCK) she could come back and rock it! I feel the song is very modern and VERY Sade so it just works. The pic speaks to me in volumes, it literally knocked the wind out of me when I first saw it :) and you MUST appreciate that kind of artwork! It kind of has this third world fashion vibe in her black and silver silk backless Spanish Couture dress, which is fitting since she's overlooking the Teotihuacan in Mexico, very chic. OK click the link and groove with me...Sade, Soldier of Love

Look out 02/08/2010 Soldier of Love the album!!!

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