Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Elizabeth and James Blazer

Ashley and Mary-kate should have come out with a clothing line a lonnng time ago. Their stuff is a bit of everything including buisness, sexy, chic, maybe a little hippie here and there. But i love every piece. The reason I chose this pic is because I have that jacket in black! All you need is the jacket and a pair of cool tights .. and you look hot without even tryin. EFFORTLESS is the best way when it comes to style .. its what I go by!

Remember ladies less is more. <3
You can shop their line at www.saksfifthavenue.com


  1. I've got a blazer similar to this but mine was wayyyy lessss money!! LOL.....I admire this look!! I want one in brown and cream!!!!

  2. i like the shoes...nice blog, maybe u will read some of my books one day
    and happy black history month

    my roll


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