Friday, February 6, 2009

Something else I want lol

This jacket is sickkkkkk! I used to always have a hard time finding flyy urban stuff for chicks, that is until i came across a clothing line "Hellz Bellz". Now they arent the cheapest but they are in my eyes the dopest! Yup ..... dopest. So last year, before I got a little more conservative I ordered a few things from them online .. and I was very satisfied. I wish I could buy all their stuff ... unfortunetly I cant. So anyway I went to the website looking at the "Holiday 08" stuff and seen this jacket .. its flyy. And I want it! There's a bunch more that I would lovvvvveeee but... you know lol

I just found out that Hellz Bellz will be collaborating with the brand Stussy .. cant wait to see that!

check it out at

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