Sunday, July 5, 2009

Amerie is BACK!

Amerie killed this video! The style of it, the direction, she looks fabulous and the wardobe for this video is sooo ONPOINT, I love it! It's different and perfect for her comeback. I gotta get used to the song though ..

Her New Album titled "In Love & War" Will be in stores August. 2009


  1. not sure if it's possible for Amerie to ever make a "comeback". She's beautiful, and can sing very well, but her music sounds like boxed most tracks sound alike, and her voice isn't like breathtaking.
    This video is dope doe, like the backrounds when she's performing are flyy.

  2. Yeah your right for the most part, I was just impressed by the fashion and directing. Didnt really say too much about the song. But the video is cool!


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