Wednesday, July 29, 2009

R+ Americana By Jay-z

Who woulda thought Jay-z would have collaborated with a sneaker store in Philly? The "VILLA" aka Sneaker Villa has been around for 20yrs this year, yeah "Join the Movement " has worked with him on this new project. The name of these boots are R+ Americana, and they are suppose to embody a classic look, which I believe they do in a way .. the style to me is very classic and old. These were handmade in Western PA, which will of course make the price a little over the top but .. what do I know right? So they are set to be released Sept 15th, retailed at $200. Annnddd from what I've heard .. there are only suppose to be 54 pairs available in the country if I'm not mistaken ..
What do you guys think?

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