Monday, July 20, 2009

Meet "Euro P. Gold"

Altough every young guy you meet is only striving to be the next Jay-z or Lil Wayne. There are some artist who can make music that is comfortable, relating, real and put you at ease. Willam M. Dayton III was born in Chester PA, but raised in Philadelphia and attended High School in West Philadelphia. Euro P. started out as a member of a rap group that consist of 8 members including himself in High School called H.L.S, he played his part by being Producer/Writer/CEO rosponsible for their first and last mixtape entitled "Manifest Disrespect". He's very talented and determined which is the attitude you must have to make it in this industry.
"Euro P. Gold is life on beat. He is a blast from the past. He is homage paid
through music. He embodies the struggle of not just a black man but a middle
class individual trying to make his mother proud will still keeping his dignity.
He is on a quest for Life, Simplicity and the Pursuit of Music and wants to know
if you down do join him??? "
I have to say, listening to his music puts you in a cool, mellow mood. Check out his websites and his music at

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  1. You have a very classy style. You have the vision of a true stylist. You capture it and then spell it out to the fashion concious person who can set it off!!!!!!!


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