Thursday, August 27, 2009

"The September Issue" Screening in Philly

Photo: Tymbre & RJ Cutler (Director of "The September Issue")

So I attended the private screening of the september issue last night at the Ritz Five, with RJ Cutler who is the director of the film & Andre Leon Talley ( Fashion Editor at large) showed up. First of all all seeing all the (real) stylish chicks in Philly was quite refreshing, in their dresses & heels .. love seeing others who are really passion about this industry as I am. I must say the movie was not at all just fashion, sure it walked us through how Vogue Magazine is made, & what hard work it takes to get done .. but its a bit deeper than what I expected, suprisingly! And I advise every and anyone who is looking to be invovled with industry to go and see this movie!! Its important to know your history for whatever it is you want to do, and you should know who Anna Wintour is ( Editor in Chief of Vogue) .. and if you didn't before, you will soon.

So me and Andre didn't get a clear picture for some reason, which was dissapointing .. but we talked too which was great .. jus really wish that pic came out clear. He was becoming impatient with all the ppl wanting to take photos, so I let him go after we tried to re-take the pic about 5 times lol .. AND IT STILL WOULD NOT WORK! So I made sure he knew that we will meet again :) After that I saw Rj Cutler talking to noone, he was very ginuine .. and had a warm pressence (most celebs etc .. are not too nice) we talk he asked me questions, I asked hime questions, It was a great experience!!

"The September Issue" comes out in theatres Sept 11th!
Go see it!!

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  1. Hi Ms. fashion with a passion. I was there too and found the movie very, very interesting. I have been into fashion since I was very young girl and could not live without Vogue the top fashion news of the world for many years. This movie was very informative about what all go into making a great magazine. It takes creativity, vision and guts. All of which was featured in this movies.