Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2 Books for Diehard Fashionistas

Aimed for teenaged fashionistas, written by Erika Stalder .. Fashion 101 gives you key information to enlighten beginners to the fashion industry, andnot to mention basic needs for your wardrobe. This book also explains why the military has a bigger influence in the world of clothes then Tyra Banks & Anna Wintour
put togetherand how the first sports bra was made out of  a jock strap.
You learn something new everyday ..

Here we have Vintage LA, by Jennifer Brant Taylor. A book given you knowledge on how to find star glam on a budget. Taylor began designingher own clothes and self publishing her own magazine entitled "Pesky Meddling Girls" at the age of 16 (we all can learn a thing or two from her). Vintage LA has everything from interviews to classic pics. Read this book to find the undiscovered and well known aspects of the West Coast.


  1. Hey Tee,

    Way to go! I will check it out!

  2. I own Vintage LA. it's inspiring hope you like the book :)


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