Saturday, September 5, 2009

History of Fashion

I've always loved clothes and watches, rings, bags, shoes etc, since I could remember. But it wasn't until
I got to high school where I decided fashion was going to be in my future as a career. Anyway
I feel like anyone who wants to be invovled in this forever changing industry, should def pick up this
book. It gives you knowledge on luxury and why a Louis V bag has a hefty price tag & how "Faking Luxury" was an ultimate disgrace. It also explains how China is expected  to be the world's most important
luxury market.
So if you can relate to this, I totally recommend it.
The luxury industry been booming since way before our time, and
has changed how we all dress, interact & plays a major part in alot of our lives. BUT as,
Dana Thomas explains how most luxury good companies still carry the founders name
but are run by Tycoons, and in result have "tarnished its history
& hoodwinked their comsumers" .. Which took away from what made it all special.
So now ..
"Luxury has lost its luster"

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